Re: [xslt] XSLT memory leak - GIT 2011-02-28 01:54:15, 7f741527832

On Sun, Mar 06, 2011 at 11:30:49PM +0100, Ralf Junker wrote:
> Attached files cause a memory leak in xsltproc if passed like this:
>   xsltproc Tutorial.xsl Tutorial.xml
> The leak happens in the library and was discovered outside xsltproc.
> The attached Tutorial_Leak.log contains the stack trace leading to the leak.
> I am sorry I do not provide a fix, but the leak is deeply nested and I
> was not able to find the section where the memory should be freed. I am
> compiling without XSLT_REFACTORED if that matters.
> Can someone confirm this? Or even suggest a fix?

  Confirmed here, valgrind was clear about it, I just commited a fix for
it adding your example to the regression tests. I believe any libxslt
compiled without XSLT_REFACTORED leacked this for xsl:number.
  I also reran "make valgrind" and it seems fine now...

  BTW your libxnlt is compiled with memory debug in the logs, not sure
you want that setup all the time :-)

   thanks !


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