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On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 08:29:36PM -0500, Ben Walton wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> I'm reforwarding this based on your note a few minutes ago.  You may
> have handled this previously as it was outside the three month
> window.
> Thanks
> -Ben
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> From: Ben Walton <bwalton artsci utoronto ca>
> To: XSLT List <xslt gnome org>
> Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 21:00:56 -0400
> Subject: symbol versioning script error
> Hi All,
> I discovered while troubleshooting another issue that the symbol
> versioning script used by libxslt embeds LIBXML2_$version in the .so
> files that get built.  This seems to be due to the xsl transform file
> in doc/ and likely results from simply copying this in from the xml2
> project.
> The attached patch will correct the issue, but will cause another one
> whereby the symbol names in the resulting .so files will no longer
> match those embeded in other binaries and .so files using libxslt.  A
> rebuild of libxslt would need to coincide with a rebuild of everything
> linking against it.

  Aie aie aie !!! Another really stupid cut and paste error :-(

If we "fix" this all the libraries requiring the old names will just
fail which is like a big big problem.

> Thoughts?

The only way to "fix" this is to also force the output of the existing
names LIBXML2_... out for the current set.

This is less problematic than it seems as
libxml2 was always with version > 2 and since libxslt stick to version < 1
they can provide a false positive.

I'm seeing right now:
paphio:~/XSLT/tests/general -> nm -D /usr/lib64/ 
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.11
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.12
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.13
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.16
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.17
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.18
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.22
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.24
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.30
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.32
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.0.33
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.0
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.1
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.18
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.2
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.20
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.23
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.24
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.25
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.26
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.3
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.5
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.7
0000000000000000 A LIBXML2_1.1.9

  So we are somehow lucky but this is nasty !

We could either:
 Generate both sets for example

LIBXML2_1.0.13 {

# extensions
} LIBXML2_1.0.12;


LIBXSLT_1.0.13 {

# extensions
} LIBXSLT_1.0.12;


manage to change the logic in the stylesheet that for version > 1.1.27
then use the LIBXSLT prefix (and connect the first to LIBXML2_1.1.26)

I'm not sure what's the best approach honnestly !

> Thanks

  Thanks for raising the issue !


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