Re: [xslt] cartesian product of lists

Boris Boesler schrieb am 14.07.2010 um 15:10 (+0200):
> Am 14.07.2010 um 14:42 schrieb Michael Ludwig:
> > Boris Boesler schrieb am 14.07.2010 um 13:56 (+0200):
> > 
> >> Can I post more code?
> > 
> > Yes. Ideally, post a cut-down but self-contained example that people
> > can run at home to see what you're doing and what has to be changed
> > to make it work as desired.
>  Example XML file:


> The XSLT-stylesheet:

At 182 lines, it doesn't look cut-down at all. Will see if I have time
to look at it.

One thing I can say straight away is that you're using way too much
xsl:for-each and not enough apply-templates. So it's too much pull and
too little push style. But that's not of much help to you right now.

To make it easier for people willing to help with this, you should cut
down on the debug stuff and all other unnecessary stuff as much as
possible, and supplement your code and input with a sample of the
expected output or a description of how it goes wrong.

I know this takes time, but hey, this holds true all the more for
Michael Ludwig

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