[xslt] lxml and libxslt-1.1.25

[ Sending again, as none of my outgoing mail seem to have gone out :-( ]

 Hi Stefan

I'm getting report that lxml is broken with libxslt-1.1.25 .
Apparently lxml is using the unpublished internal API xsltProcessOneNode

  c.f. http://codespeak.net/svn/lxml/trunk/src/lxml/xsltext.pxi
but that has never been part of the API and gives troubles now:

paphio:~ -> grep xsltProcessOneNode /usr/include/libxslt/*.h
paphio:~ -> rpm -q libxslt-devel
paphio:~ -> grep xsltProcessOneNode
paphio:~ ->

  I'm not so fond of exposing xsltProcessOneNode() as is, especially
with the xsltStackElemPtr parameter and the fact that the result is
somehow hidden in the transformation context.

  What do you think ?


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