Re: [xslt] Transformation result DOM document does not honor xml:id

Daniel Veillard schrieb:

  I changed the way this is done, I think this will fix things and
speed them up too, it's in git head now.

Great, thanks for looking into this!

  But I wasn't able to make your tests run:

paphio:~/XSLT -> php xmlid-xsl.php xmlid-xsl.xsl
PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
/u/veillard/XSLT/xmlid-xsl.php on line 6

I copied the test from my mail and it just works. Could you post line 6
of your copy of my script?

Do you have the PHP extension for LibXSLT enabled? This can be checked
very easily by typing:

  php --re xsl

On my machine, the extension is:


paphio:~/XSLT -> perl xmlid-xsl.xsl
Can't locate XML/ in @INC (@INC contains:

You don't have the Perl extension to your library installed :-) If you
happen to be on Debian or related, do:

  apt-get install libxml-libxslt-perl

Else, use RPM or similar to locate the module. If you can't find it,
install the module using the CPAN shell:

  cpan XML::LibXSLT

Then, repeat the test.

Michael Ludwig

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