Re: [xslt] string literal with single-quote inside won't parse

Viktor Štujber wrote:
> This is interesting... could you point me to the part of the spec that
> describes the rules for constructing literals this way?

It’s got nothing (well, little) to do with XSLT; it is a result of the
XML syntax rules.

An attribute value must be bounded by " or '.  It may not contain its
bounding characters.  However, entity references may be used with an
attribute value:

<anxmlelement anattribute="a value with &quot;quotation marks&quot;"
  anotherattribute='a value with &apos;apostrophes&apos;'/>

XSLT 1.0 requires string literals to be delimited with " or ', and does
not provide an escape mechanism for those marks to be included.

'a string with "quotation marks"'
"a string with 'apostrophes'"

When a string literal needs to go in an attribute value, the rules must
be combined:

  select="'a string with &quot;quotation marks&quot;'"/>
  select='"a string with &apos;apostrophes&apos;"'/>

If you need both quotation marks and apostrophes in a string, you must
use concat().

concat('a string with "quotes" ', "and 'apostrophes'")

  select="concat('a string with &quot;quotes&quot; ',
                 &quot;and 'apostrophes'&quot;)"/>

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