[xslt] Passing variables from python to an xslt template

Hi, I am writing a litle python program which apply a xslt template to a xml file additionally I need to pass a veriable to the template I know using applyStylesheet method I can pass a dictionary but I do not know how to use it in the template.

This is my code : http://dpaste.com/55552/
This is the xsl template : http://dpaste.com/55553/
This is the xml file : http://dpaste.com/55554/

I saw the xsl:param, xsl:with-param but it is not what I want.

So I want to add a new subitem but not from the xml I want to pass it from my python code, that is what i want, does anybody know how to do that?... any kind of help will be appreciatte, thanks in advance and best regards :D

Francisco Rivas
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