Re: [xslt] indentation problem and some related questions

> These are mostly basic XSL problems (except, perhaps, the last one) and should probably be asked on mulberry tech's XSL list.
This is the first time I'm asking for xslt support this way, so I'm
not familiar with all the places yet :)

> You could add the top-level instruction: <xsl:strip-space select="*"/>
I think this is what I've been looking for. I'll measure the
performance difference and if it's too big, then I guess I'll just
settle for delimiting the inner and outer data, using <!-- --> to make
it look nicer.

> But, I would bet the problem is your XHTML document is in the XHTML namespace. You need to declare it (in your root xsl:styleshseet elem, most likely)
The stylesheet already has a default namespace (xhtml's). The xml data
also has a default namespace (also xhtml's). You mean that there's a
collision between the two and I need to attach an explicit namespace
(which is identical to the default one) to make it work?
(example I've used is attached to this e-mail)

> No, xsl:copy-of will copy everything.
So your solution manually copies the topmost elements (which exhibit
the problem) without their namespaces, and then run xsl:copy-of on the
rest? That sounds doable. I'm also thinking of wrapping the data in a
<div> so that there'll only be one element to process instead of a
whole lot.

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