Re: [xslt] [xml] [PATCH] Build shared library on Win32

P.S.: Why libxslt/xsltwin32config.h disable by default modules ?

Roumen Petrov wrote:
Roumen Petrov wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 03:18:53PM +0000, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

  Hi Rich,

the post would be a more natural target for the xslt gnome org list :-)
looks fine, applied and commited. In the past Roumen Petrov has been the
one fixing mingw and espacially cross-compiling issues, so I'm Cc'ing
him in the reply.

I confirm that libtool flag -no-undefined is required for win platform to create shared(dll) library. I'm on vacation and will check later (Monday may be). Also I would like to remember my posts to bug tracking system.



Since this issue is only for libxslt in my response I exclude libxml list.

First the command "make LDFLAGS='-no-undefined -avoid-version'" without any changes is enough to create binaries compatible with windows binaries from native build (see Igor Zlatkovic binaries/site).

I check the "mingw patch" attached to "Bug 481419 – win32 builds" ( and found that it is to complex and still include modifications related to "Bug 481434 – win32 builds without winsock".

About the "Richard W.M. Jones" patch :

- macro AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL is no more required. It is for about 7 years old GNU compiler(gcc version about 2.9x) where we has to use dlltool to create shared libraries. I could not found reason to include it (year is 2008 and gcc(mingw version) is 3.5x).

- LDFLAGS: for mingw host configure script is set and substitute variable WIN32_EXTRA_LDFLAGS with flag "-no-undefined". Why the patch don't use it ? Also why the patch don't set it in libexslt/ and python/ ?

The updated patch is attached as file "libxslt-trunk-20081103.patch" (I see that Richard patch is already applied). It is only for "-no-undefined" for mingw and cygwin host platforms (see issue 481419).



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