Re: [xslt] [Patch] fixes for MinGW

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:

here a small patch to fix mingw compile

libexslt/exsltexports.h + libxslt/xsltexports.h:
don't know why it was changed (in 2004) but it was wrong

added attrvt
changed library link order to resolve linker errors

It is good to left "-o ..." linker argument as is.
Fine for library position.
About attrvt.o - may be is good to follow order from ./libxslt/ :-\ .

This fixes also problems whe trying to link against libxslt because now XSLTPUBVAR is correctly defined to "__declspec(dllimport) extern" again.

auto-import resolve this.

This should also fix bug #324857



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