Re: [xslt] XML_DOCUMENT_NODE and boolean testing

Daniel Veillard writes:
>> Looks like the variable gets a node set with one member, a "fake
>> node libxslt" with type set to XML_DOCUMENT_NODE.  This node
>> has no children.  If I pass the variable to an extension function,
>> I see this:
>  maybe it's a bug, yes.

Would you want to fix to be in the conversion of a template return
to a variable (remove the XML_DOCUMENT_NODE) or in the conversion
of a node set to a boolean?  Point me in the right direction and
I'll run it down.  XML_DOCUMENT_NODE seems to be special cased in
enough situations that I'm not sure of the impact of removing it,
but doing the boolean conversion seems like a hac^H^H^Hshortcut.


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