Re: [xslt] Bug 530891

do you think you will
spend the next week-end debugging the problem ?

Could it be as simple as reversing the polarity?
Er, I mean, adding the line shown below to functions.c?
Seemed to fix the problem, but whether running the
test suite inspires confidence or not, I don't know.
I couldn't immediately spot any tests that exercise
this function...

I'm unfamiliar with *nix customs for patch submitting,
and the process was not immediately clear from
the "how to help" web pages for libxslt (which seem
to say "ask first" anyway...).

xsltElementAvailableFunction(xmlXPathParserContextPtr ctxt, int nargs){
    xmlXPathObjectPtr obj;
    xmlChar *prefix, *name;
    const xmlChar *nsURI = NULL;
    xsltTransformContextPtr tctxt;

    if (nargs != 1) {
    xsltTransformError(xsltXPathGetTransformContext(ctxt), NULL, NULL,
        "element-available() : expects one string arg\n");
    ctxt->error = XPATH_INVALID_ARITY;

    /******** ADDED THE FOLLOWING LINE  ********/
    xmlXPathStringFunction(ctxt, 1);
    if ((ctxt->value == NULL) || (ctxt->value->type != XPATH_STRING)) {
    xsltTransformError(xsltXPathGetTransformContext(ctxt), NULL, NULL,
        "element-available() : invalid arg expecting a string\n");
    ctxt->error = XPATH_INVALID_TYPE;

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