Re: [xslt] libxslt causing Bus error on Mac OS X

Thank you *so* much for putting in the effort. 

> Just for fun I tried to duplicate this on my OSX with fink, same xsltproc
> as you ...
> No crash.

Right, same results here.

> I then tried with SVN libxslt & xsltproc
> No crash.

Whoa. I'd like to try that, but for some reason I thought it was
tough to build libxslt an OS X. On more careful reading of Steve
Ball's page, it requires changes to source to build *as a framework*,
but that's certainly not necessary for this test, if ever. So I'll
try that now [building in background ...]

> and clearly, with no crash.

Did you try with Steve Ball's pre-built binaries?

> You probably need to explain more, it might be something else in
> your environment.

Indeed it might. I'll start poking around and blathering more about
my system if the upcoming tests also fail.

I'm still building in the background ... libxslt needs a newer
version of libxml2, of course, so I'm working on that now.

Thanks again.

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