[xslt] applying xsltproc to all files in a directory

Hi !

I'm a little new in xslt transformation and uses xsltproc.
I'm trying to apply an xslt transformation to all html files contained in a directory and writting the ouput in another directory.
Is it possible to do it ?
xsltproc seems to don't take *.html, nor a directory in input. As I work with ant, I tried with it to do a <for> on each file of the source directory and to use the -o param on xsltproc to output files in the directory I want but without success :
# xsltproc -o ./target/site/doc/ ./src/site/stylesheets/petals-doc-integrated.xsl ./src/site/doc/index.html
I/O error : Is a directory
Do you know if this is possible with xsltproc ? Do you have an idea of how to do it ?

My problem is that I'm not able do get the file name with ant to pass it to xsltproc, I only get the complete absolute path, so I can pass it in input file but not in output.

thanks in advance for your help,

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