Re: [xslt] Question concerning paths

Indeed, everything goes sweetly using the node-set function, thanks for
your help!

I'll try later to do something without exslt though.

With hindsight, my question was more related to a xsl generality than
xsltproc itself, maybe this ML was not the best place to ask, i'll try to
be more prudent next time :)

Thank you again (and sorry for the approximative english)

M. H.

> On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 03:49:39PM +0100, Marc Heinz wrote:
>> xsltProcessOneNode: applying template '/' for /
>> xsltApplySequenceConstructor: copy node Presentation
>> call-template: name getAuthor
>> applying xsl:template 'getAuthor'
>> xsltValueOf: select $metaDoc/office:document-meta/office:meta/dc:creator
>> Lookup variable 'metaDoc'
>> found variable 'metaDoc'
>> XPath error : Invalid type
>> [...]
>> Obviously the real problem is caused by the "Invalid Type Error".
>> Could it be a concatenation problem in the following statement:
>> select="$metaDoc/office:document-meta/office:meta/dc:creator"
>> If so, why should I do?
>   Your stylesheet is incorrect, it's not compliant to XSLT-1.0
>     -------------------------------------------------
>     Variables introduce an additional data-type into the expression
> language. This additional data type is called result tree fragment....
>     An operation is permitted on a result tree fragment only if that
> operation would be permitted on a string...
>     -------------------------------------------------
>   you just can't apply '/office:document-meta/office:meta/dc:creator' to
> a string value, so you can't apply it to a variable value.
> The stylesheet you are using was developped against a non-conformant
> XSLT-1.0
> implementation.
>   There are workarounds like the exslt:node-set extension function,
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