[xslt] suppressing warning from document()

I want to load an external file if it exists, otherwise load another file, and so on.

So in my XSL I do this:

         <xsl:when test="boolean(document('sidebar.xml',/))">
       <xsl:message>found at .</xsl:message>
         <xsl:when test="boolean(document('../sidebar.xml',/))">
       <xsl:message>found at ..</xsl:message>
         <xsl:when test="boolean(document('../../sidebar.xml',/))">
       <xsl:message>found at ../..</xsl:message>

which works fine, but of course the side effect of the
first <when> is a message:

  warning: failed to load external entity "sidebar.xml"

which is not very nice. Is there any way of avoiding it?
or a better method to check if a file exists before
reading it?

Alternatively, how can I get libxslt to do XInclude processing
on the XSL itself (as opposed to the input XML)?

Sebastian Rahtz Information Manager, Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN. Phone +44 1865 283431

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