[xslt] Release of ;ibxslt-1.1.18

  Since libxml2 just got released and there was a lot of fixes in libxslt tree
too it was time for a release there too:

  This include soem large internal refactoring from Kasimier and associated
set of bug fixes:

* portability and build fixes:
 - DESTDIR problem
 - build paths in python shared lib
 - compile when libxml2 doesn't support XInclude (Gary Coady).
* bug fixes:
 - a number of namespace related bugs (Kasimier Buchcik)
 - parameters bugs (Kasimier Buchcik)
 - proximity position in predicates of match patterns (Kasimier)
 - exslt-node-set troubles with strings (Kasimier)
 - CDATA serialization
 - Python floats and booleans XPath conversions
 - XInclude support fixes
 - RVT cleanup problem (William Brack and Kasimier)
 - attribute checking in stylesheets (Kasimier)
 - xsltForEach context problem (Kasimier)
 - security check should pass full URLs (Shane Corgatelli)
 - security cleanup patch (Mikhail Zabaluev)
 - some python accessor for stylesheet were broken
 - memory errors when compiling stylesheets (Mike Hommey)
 - EXSLT current date end-of-month problem (William Brack).
* improvements:
 - refactoring of namespace handling
 - value-of impleemntation and template internal processing (Kasimier Buchcik)
 - new xsltproc flag to apply Xinclude to stylesheets.
* documentation:
 - xsltproc man pages (Daniel Leidert)
 - tests updates (William Brack)
 - various typo fixes (Daniel Leidert)
 - comments on versions macros (Peter Breitenlohner).

  Thanks to everybody who helped for this release, one way or another,


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