RE: [xslt] small patch for xsltFreeStylePreComps()


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> > Ah, I now hope to understand what you were actually doing. Is the
> > following correct?
> > 1) you detached the style->doc from the stylesheet
> > 2) you called xsltFreeStylePreComps() (with the psvi cleanup)
> >    explicitely
> > 3) you set style->preComps to NULL
> > 3) at last you freed the stylehssheet
> Yes :)
> > So I can only defer back to Daniel :-)
> Yes, I can see this to become a support nightmare too :) Thanks
> for your help! I'll probably just hack it in my build. I agree,
> this is not the API one want to expose to the users :)

If you do this on your side, then don't spend too much time on the
xsltRestoreDocumentNamespaces() and xsltNsMap thingy; it is just
an experiment: I never liked the processor to call xmlStrEqual()
massively for comparison of namespace names. Although this now reduces
string comparison to pointer-comparison (it feels so delighful silent
I'm still not sure if it's robust enough in the big picture; so we might
remove this in the end. I think, I'll just IFDEF this with an other
so that the refactored code can be used independently.



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