[xslt] XSLT - changed handling of attrs "exclude-result-prefixes" and"extension-element-prefixes"

Title: XSLT - changed handling of attrs "exclude-result-prefixes" and"extension-element-prefixes"


We changed the handling of exclude-result-prefixes and
extension-element-prefixes in Libxslt.

Daniel noted that this change will probably break
some XSLT stuff out there, so I want to notify you of the

1) Attribute "exclude-result-prefixes"

  Is evaluated on xsl:stylesheet/xsl:transform if
  the attribute is in *no* namespace. Thus
  xsl:exclude-result-prefixes won't be seen by the
  processor anymore; actually this should be reported
  as an error by the processor, but it isn't yet.

  Note that this attribute is *not* evaluated anymore
  if specified on any other elements in the XSLT
  namespace; e.g. it is invalid on an xsl:template.
  We need yet to raise an error in such a case.
  On literal result elements the attribute is
  only evaluated if *in* the xslt namespace.

  TODO: IIRC, on extension elements this attribute
  should not be evaluated, but it is currently. This
  needs to be fixed.

2) Attribute "extension-element-prefixes"

  Same semantical changes wrt namespaces as for the
  attribute "exclude-result-prefixes" except that
  it is also (in the namespaced form) processed on
  extension elements.

There were some Libxslt regression tests which
needed to be fixed due to this changes, so if anyone took
them as an example, please fix your stylesheets.



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