Re: [xslt] Executing xslt scripts

On 2006-01-27 08:21:21 -0500, Scott Bronson wrote:
> > I agree with the idea that if Liferea supports feed filtering at
> > all, then the UI should make it as easy as simply selecting an
> > .xsl file.
> > In fact, I once submitted a patch to embed libxslt in Liferea:
> > 
> > func=detail&atid=581686&aid=1197414&group_id=87005Out of curiosity, what feed reader do you use now?
> Shame the maintainer didn't take your patch; his solution is mediocre at
> best.  Ah well.  Good thing it's not that big a deal.  :)

It seems that it was refused due to a dependency. Then it would have
been better to add a --with-libxslt configure option.

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