Re: [xslt] Executing xslt scripts

I'll readily defer to the expertise of this list.  I've abandoned the
idea of making xslt scripts exectuable.

> I agree with the idea that if Liferea supports feed filtering at
> then the UI should make it as easy as simply selecting an .xsl file.   
> In fact, I once submitted a patch to embed libxslt in Liferea:
> func=detail&atid=581686&aid=1197414&group_id=87005Out of curiosity, what feed reader do you use now?

Shame the maintainer didn't take your patch; his solution is mediocre at
best.  Ah well.  Good thing it's not that big a deal.  :)

> A file that starts  
> with #! is no longer valid XML. 
> xml-20040204/#sec-well-formed

That's true (and I think I said that).  The spec requires processors to
process well-formed documents, but it doesn't place such restrictions on
files.  Section 2.1 pretty clearly allows a document to occupy only part
of a file.  Even if 2.1 DID claim that a document must occupy the entire
file, section 5.2 allows non-validating parsers to ignore portions of

Anyhow, that's all academic.  :)

Thanks for your time, all of you.

    - Scott

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