Re: [xslt] building libxslt on windows

Manish Marathe wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 11:16 -0800, Manish Marathe wrote:
>>Hello All
>>I am  trying to build libxslt 1.1.14 on Windows 2003 Server using cygwin
>>as the development environment.
>>I am having a problem building the component specifically with the
>>libexslt library. I have already configured the source giving the
>>include and library path of libxml2. Also iconv support is there. I
>>looked into archives about building problem regarding libexslt library
>>but there was discussion about errors due to macro definition
>>IN_LIBEXSLT, although I am getting some error because of some
>>identifiers, looks like which were not declared.
>>I believe I am missing something here for sure. Any insight would be

If you're using cygwin, why are the errors from the microsoft compiler?
It seems likely that if you used configure under cygwin, that the
compiler flags wouldn't be set correctly for the MS compiler.
Perhaps you didn't have gcc installed when you configured?

If you're using the DSPs you shouldn't run the configure shell script
at all; there should be Windows-specific config steps.

> Any suggestions to fix these errors?
>>P.S: Following are the errors
>>Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility   Version 6.00.9782.0
>>Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1988-1998. All rights reserved.
>>        cl.exe /I..\libexslt /nologo /D "WIN32" /D "_WINDOWS" /D
>>"_MBCS" /W3 /MD /D "_REENTRANT" /I.. /I..\libxslt /IC:\dev\libxslt
>>\include /D "NDEBUG"
>>/O2 /Foint.exslt.msvc\ /c ..\libexslt\crypto.c
>>..\libexslt\crypto.c(144) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier

This suggests your wincrypt.h doesn't define HCRYPTHASH.  Either the
code assumes a newer version of the platform sdk, or there is something
wrong on your end.  The other errors seem to come from the same problem:
a bad wincrypt.h.

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