Re: [xslt] Any interest in an alternative syntax for XSLT?

Phil Shafer wrote:

When we exposed our XSLT scripting ability to customers, we found them
quite hostile to xslt syntax.  I looked around for alternatives, but

I have the same experience.

I'd love to contribute this code back to the libxslt sources, if
you are interested.

I think that SLAX is brilliant. I really like the idea of syntactic
sugar-coating the XML syntax.

Ultimately this is Daniel's decision, but I certainly recommend that it
is included, partly because SLAX is going to be a productivity boost to
stylesheet developers, and partly because SLAX will give libxml a
competitive edge (at least for a while).

I have only browsed through the documentation, but I have a few

** The "mode" Statement

    match * {
        mode "one";
        <one> .;

The "mode" looks odd inside the block. How about something like this?

  match * with mode "one" {
    <one> .;

** The "priority" Statement

    match * {
        priority 10;
        <output> .;

Same comment as for the mode statement.

  match * with priority 10 {
    <output> .;

** The "ns" Statement

    ns junos = "";;

Consider calling this "namespace" (as used in C++).

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