AW: [xslt] Changes of internal structures



Committed the following to CVS:
1) Applied changes concerning the use of specialized
   structures for the internal representation of XSLT elements.
   This is an initial phase and was designed to produce
   as-less-as-possible changes to the code working with those
   structures (e.g. the names of fields didn't change).
2) Added a compilation context.
3) Optimized generation of the list of in-scope namespaces
   for each XSLT element.

The changes are currently disabled in CVS; enable them with
defining XSLT_REFACTORED in xsltInternals.h.

I recommend trying to use the code with those changes being
applied. It's better to bark now if this breaks something for
you (although those changes are related to non-API/ABI parts).



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