AW: [xslt] Bug Fix doubles the XSL preprocessing time


> Im Auftrag von Kasimier Buchcik
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 12. April 2006 11:41 


> This is great. I'm trying to refactor some of the parts related
> to compilation. There's already a compilation context
> on my side. So Jerome, if you could just wait a couple of
> days: I'm debugging my changes and will be able to commit them
> in the next few days; the changes will be IFDEFed out until
> they are accepted as a sane way to go.

Correction, you don't need to wait; I just commited the changes.
You'll find an xsltCompilerCtxt in xsltInternals.h.
You get the compiler-context with XSLT_CCTXT(style).

Note that this all is disabled for now; you can enable it
with defining XSLT_REFACTORED in xsltInternals.h.

Regards & have fun with it,


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