AW: [xslt] Bug Fix doubles the XSL preprocessing time

> Im Auftrag von Jerome Pesenti
> Gesendet: Sonntag, 9. April 2006 15:40


> 90% of them will never be used. Is there a way to
> compile the XPaths *only* when they are used? I tried
> to set nopreproc to 0 but that didn't seem to work.
> As always, thanks for your help & for this very useful
> library. Regards,
> Jerome

xsltStylesheet->nopreproc is intended for internal use only and
not suitable for what you want.
Activating this flag (setting it to 1) will result in undefined
behaviour, since, besides skipping the compilation of XSLT
instructions, the mandatory whitespace-stripping of the stylesheet's
doc will be skipped.
Note that the structures and functions in xsltInternals.h are
not part of the API/ABI; they are currently are under redesign.



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