[xslt] libxslt and locale-aware xsl:sort

Have there been any changes in the libxslt collating behavior in
the last year to make it locale-aware? I notice the following bug
from more than a year ago -

  libxslt doesn't support lang attribute on xsl:sort out-of-the-box

I realize there's also the examples/xsltICUSort.c code in the
libxslt distro, but as far as I can see, no OS distro packagers
are building and packaging libxslt with that compiled in. And
average users are not going to be able to build libxslt themselves
with it compiled in.

And as far as the following comment in the xsltICUSort.c source:

  module provided by Richard Jinks to provide a sort function
  replacement using ICU, it is not included in standard due to the
  size of the ICU library

I guess that implies that the ICU libraries need to be statically
linked in in order for that build libxslt with that code compiled
in? If so, why? I notice that Xalan-C now has support for
locale-aware xsl:sort, using the ICU C library. And ldd shows
dynamic links to libicuuc.so and libicudata.so


Michael Smith

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