Re: [xslt] Problem in the improving of a rss feed

Roberto Alvares <roberto alvares gmail com> writes:

> ...
> improve an xml feed display through css and xslt but I am not be
> able to transform correctly some html tags which are in item
> "description" of the rss file. In the trasformed file they look
> result part of the text instead of mark-up tags.  I have used
> "Disable-Output-Escaping=yes" but it works only on IE not Firefox
> and Opera. Then I have found a solution based on javascript that
> works better than the first.  In spite of this, I would like to know
> if there is any solution in xslt and where I'm wrong.  I thank you
> in advance for attention.  Rob

This depends on how the data in the description element is
formatted. Some send HTML already escaped (&lt;html&gt;) others
enclose the data in <![CDATA[<html/>]]>.

Firefox and IE should only matter if you are doing the transformation
client-side rather than server-side or locally.

Please provide examples of your XSL and the RSS you are
transforming. I'm happy to help you work through this.

You might also consider posting this question at the xsl-list
(, which is more suited to
this type of question. At the time of this message however,
'' seemed to be having DNS problems.

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