Re: [xslt] FYI on string interning of XSLT transform mode/modeURI

>    This is a good idea, but where, maybe in xsltApplyStylesheetInternal() ?
> Another possibility would be to force the interning at that level instead of
> generating an error, but I really didn't expect people would tweak those
> data .

I didn't look to see where else this may apply, I assummed other items were
likely interned.  Maybe it isn't much of an issue but could be a good idea
since the fallback xmlStrEqual calls are no longer there at least in this case.

I've always been worried that my xslt extensions would someday run into trouble
with hte dictionary, though most of them now do use the transform context's
dictionary to try to minimize memory used (most of the xslt extensions retrieve
external data).

BTW I changing the mode flag was a way around XSLT's in my opinion limitation
on not being able to use attribute value templates for the mode when applying

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