Re: [xslt] transformation removes DOCTYPE declaration form original document

I'm not sure of the python libxslt syntax - but assume it is like the Perl XML::LibXML
$stylesheet->transform($doc, foo => "value);
which 'throws away' the XSLT output.

So - in the example code RadosÅaw doesn't use the output of the XSLT transformation.
He just prints the INPUT document twice.
So it looks like the code HAS changed the input document.
Which surely has nothing to do with any XSLT / XPATH concerns.

I will try this in Perl tomorrow and see if the same things happens.


Vincent Lefevre wrote:
On 2005-04-14 11:24:49 +0200, RadosÅaw Kintzi wrote:
I don't care about DT declaration in target document. I just care
about one in original (source) document. It has such declaration,
which was removed by processor during transformation.
In other words: the processor change source document. It is right 
behavior or it is a bug?

This doesn't have much sense. An XSLT processor takes a source
document and outputs a target document. Do you mean that your
source file is modified, in addition to the output of the target
file? I've never seen such a thing...


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