Re: [xslt] transformation removes DOCTYPE declaration form original document

Vincent Lefevre napisał(a):

On 2005-04-14 11:24:49 +0200, Radosław Kintzi wrote:

I don't care about DT declaration in target document. I just care
about one in original (source) document. It has such declaration,
which was removed by processor during transformation.
In other words: the processor change source document. It is right behavior or it is a bug?

This doesn't have much sense. An XSLT processor takes a source document and outputs a target document. Do you mean that your source file is modified, in addition to the output of the target file? I've never seen such a thing...

I do not have source file. I just have source xml document in memory (it does not
matter, if I read it form file or get it through http protocol). I do some
transformation on that data structure to get some other data structure - new xml
document in memory. And during this transformation source doc is modified. See
code in my first message.


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