Re: [xslt] problems using document()


No, the problem is that the output of your script is not XML
Here is a slimmed down version of the generated xml:


<comment>These photos should display on MLSca, and MLS Reciprocity websites. The first seven photos should display on Aurora</comment>

                <photo number="1">


                    <description>Living room up</description>


When I try to validate it, it fails, to me it looks like valid xml. What is invalid here?

Fix your script to generate XML.
In general I suggest you chech the compilance of your data and tools to follow
the specifications, that will help your build interoperable solutions.

I don't have control over the script that generates the xml. It is in the hands of the local real estate board. I can request changes though, I just need to know whats wrong..

Hmm, so there is no way to do this with sablotron? That sucks. Thanks for your help, I will respond if I learn anything new.

Casimir Loeber

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