Re: [xslt] WIN32 binaries and XML_CATALOG_FILES and escaped spaces

On 25.05.2004 08:47, mottelet dma utc fr wrote:

Thanks for the reply, but the slash is only missing in my message,
in the .bat script, the slash is here. I have tried with a

set XML_CATALOG_FILES=file:///c:/program%20files/catalog.xml

or a

set XML_CATALOG_FILES=file:///c:%5Cprogram%20files%5Ccatalog.xml

then I always get a

"error : No such file or directory" just before the  warning: failed to load
external entity ...

What is the problem here (thanks for help, again)

A batch file?

The batch processor has a special meaning for the '%' character. It is used to refer to the environment variable. You must protect it somehow.

Renaming your .bat to .cmd helps a lot. The NT command processor will take the '%' literaly unless it really finds a matching environment variable.


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