[xslt] WIN32 binaries and XML_CATALOG_FILES and escaped spaces


With the latests Win32 binaries of libxslt and libxml2,
(libxml 20610, libxslt 10107)
xsltproc does not seem to support escaped spaces in the list of catalog files in the env variable XML_CATALOG_FILES.

I mean,

set XML_CATALOG_FILES=file:///C:/catalog.xml

is ok, I mean that xsltproc is able to find teh catalog
file and then resolve the needed PUBLIC entries,
but if I put my catalog file e.g. in C:\Program Files


set XML_CATALOG_FILES=file:///C:Program Files/catalog.xml


set XML_CATALOG_FILES=file:///C:Program%20Files/catalog.xml

is OK, in the sense that I have a "file not found" error at the
catalog resolving time.

Thanks for help


e-mail : Stephane Mottelet utc fr
www : http://www.dma.utc.fr/~mottelet

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