[xslt] 1) same source for compilation to linux/windows? 2) xml2pdf?


We are planning to integrate libxml/libxslt/... into our company´s software
which works on Linux and Windows.

Maybe someone can help me with two short questions, that would be great:

1) Can I use the same sourcecode to compile to Linux AND Windows? Are there
any necessary adaptions (we need the source code - Mr. Zlatkovics
Windows-binaries work fine and are very useful, but not a guarantee for
future developements).

2) In addition to transformations from XML to XML and HTML we need to
transform from XML to RTF or PDF. Are there any libxslt-extensions
(open-source/commercial) which support this feature (based on C)? As far as
I know there exists only FOP on a JAVA environment.

Thanks for your help,

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