Re: [xslt] FW: [PATCH] fix crash/memory leak in xslCallTemplateComp

There have been several problems with the list mailserver, but in
this instance your message was posted and received, at least by me. 
Further, I responded to it, thanking you for the patch and letting
you know it had been committed to CVS.

If there are ever any doubts as to whether a message to the list has
been actually received, it's best to check with rather than just re-post it. 
That site is always quite reasonably up-to-date.


Bill said:
> It doesn't appear as though all the messages are making it to the
> mailing
> list...  Re-forwarding.
> Forwarding...
> -------------------------
> I pulled down the CVS head and found that wbrack mostly already
> fixed this
> although there was still one problem with the xsltGetQNameURI2 api
> that
> caused the attached test case to still fail.
> New patch attached
> Forwarding...
> Monday, March 15, 2004 4:25 PM
> To:
> cc:
> From: Mark Vakoc/PeopleSoft@PEOPLESOFT
> Subject: [PATCH] fix crash/memory leak in xslCallTemplateComp
> The attached stylesheet exhibits a crash due to the recent
> dictionary
> integration into libxslt.  The patch to xsltGetQNameURI fixes an
> xmlFree
> call to a dictionaried string.  The changes to xsltCallTemplateComp
> fix a
> memory leak discovered after the first fix.
> Note:  this dictionary stuff is rather new to me so this may not be
> the
> correct patch...
> (See attached file: z.xsl)
> (See attached file: dict.diff)
> (See attached file: z.xsl)
> (See attached file: utils.diff)

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