RE: [xslt] Kannada fonts garbled in xsltproc

Hi Peter,

I changed the encoding from X-user-defined to iso-8859-1 and the characters
are not changed. Thanks for your help, its been a week since I've been
to make xsltproc not to change the characters.

As of now we are mannually creating webpages for, in order
make things smoother I researched and zeroed in on libxml2 to automatically
create these webpages.

Is there a better solution than libxml2? Will I run into problems later if
I use libxml2 for this Content Management?

Thanks once again

Manoj Lobo

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Hi Manoj,

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
> <test>±Ü¨ÜÊÜáãÆ : Çæp? ×ÊÜå? væç !</test>

You are doing a bad (TM) thing here:
Using a masquerading font!

I.e. your characters are in the Unicode range for Latin-Supplement
(U+00A0..U+00FF), but they are displayed as Kannada, because
of a font which displays Kannada characters for this range.

You should first check, whether this is really your only option.

If this is so, specify ISO 8859-1 as output encoding, so that the
characters are unchanged.

But then research better solutions.

Peter Jacobi

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