Re: [xslt] BUG: saxon:line-number() fails for external entities

Daniel Veillard said:
> On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 09:47:58AM -0400, Steve Cheng wrote:
>> The subject says it all really.  I would have posted on the bug
>> database,
>> but I also want to ask a related question (later below).
> [...]
>> Note the "0" in the output.  The SAXON docs (and the code
>> comments)
>> explicitly say that the line number is supposed to be that of the
>> entity that contains the (context) node.
>   that may be fixeable, please register a bug.
>> Looking at the code implementing the saxon:line-number(), it seems
>> like xmlGetLineNo() is not giving the correct line number --- I
>> don't
>> know if it is supposed to, the API docs are somewhat vague in this
>> area.
>   the line number being stored in element this should be doable.

Just to save you the trouble of registering the bug, I've already
fixed the problem and committed it to CVS (libxml2/parser.c):

bill bbrack saxonlnum $ xsltproc saxon-line-number.xsl root.xml
In root: 4

In element: 1



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