Re: [xslt] XSLT and Safari

--- Dave Hyatt <hyatt apple com> wrote:

> What is the dict used for?  I'm going to have parsed these documents 
> (and have xmlDocPtrs ready) before stylesheet compilation time.  Is 
> that going to be an issue?

How are you going to know which documents a stylesheet includes before the
stylesheet is compiled?  And how can you possibly handle the document()
function that can have it's arguments dynamically built (and hence no way to
know before transformation) the URI to parse/include?

The dictionaries are used for string interning, so that there is only one copy
of a given string (for example a variable name).  This is done to improve
performance in libxslt as you can use a single pointer comparision rather than
a more expensive xmlStrEqual/xmlStrcmp type call.  

You would need to use the dictionary provided in the callback when
parsing/returning the xmlDocPtr's to be included.

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