[xslt] XSLT and Safari

Hello. My name is Dave Hyatt, and I work on WebCore, the open-source layout engine that powers the Safari Web Browser. Some time ago we switched away from expat to libxml2 for all our XML parsing, and now I'm working on integrating libxslt into Safari.

Because it's necessary to do our own loading (I could go into this in more detail, but there are many reasons), and because it's also insufficient to override libxml's I/O routines (we can't easily mesh the way we load with libxml's model of I/O), I'm taking the approach of loading the stylesheets myself.

I can figure out all the imports/includes, use our own security routines and recursion defenses when loading, and ultimately end up with a bunch of xmlDocPtrs. What I'd then like to do is be able to tell libxslt to parse a top-level stylesheet, but then register callbacks, so that for a given import/include URI in a specified parent stylesheet, I could then hand back the xmlDocPtr without libxslt having to do any I/O. I'm not trying to reuse these xmlDocPtrs, so libxslt would be free to modify them if it needed to.

Does this sound like a reasonable request?

(hyatt apple com)

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