Re: [xslt] problems with libxslt and python on Mac OS X

On 7 Apr 2004, at 16:33, Marc-Antoine Parent wrote:

>> I've tested the 2.6.5/1.1.2 combo and 2.6.8/1.1.5 combo and pasted 
>> the  results below. 2.6.5/1.1.2 runs the python tests ok, and 
>> 2.6.8/1.1.5  don't (producing the results I described in an earlier 
>> mail)
> Sorry to report that this all looks good. The only other difference 
> between our installs that I can see at this point is the prebinding. 
> So _if_ my libraries work on your machine (did you check that?)

I would, but your build is linked to the system python, and my python 
is a home-brew framework python which lives in 
/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework: your python .so files point to 

I'm going to try to build my own following your prebinding 
instructions, which should settle the whether they're the key.



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