[xslt] Re: [xml] Mailing lists handling change

On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 05:14:05PM -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Okay, I'm getting far too many bounces on the mailing lists:
>    1 N   03/29 xml-admin@gnome ( 38K) 336 xml admin request(s) waiting
>    2 N   03/29 xslt-admin@gnom ( 30K) 263 xslt admin request(s) waiting
>    3 N   03/29 xml-bindings-ad ( 36K) 320 xml-bindings admin request(s) waiting
>  And I cleaned them up this morning, this mean around 1000 messages,
> per day I need to scan to approve the few valid ones.
>  This does not scale, I will NOT look anymore at bounces in the future.

  Okay, if you know perl (I don't ... I really can't read it !) and want
to help the project here is something you can do which would be really
really useful :
  there is this interface to the mailman administration page at
this is relatively small, but only allows to either approve or discard
all mails accumulated in the list.
What I (and William) would need would be to extend it to automatically
discard mails based on regexp match for the message From/Subject/Headers or
the Excerpt. Those regexp could be stored in $(HOME)/mladmin.conf
reject from support@
reject subject e-mail account
reject content Content-Type: audio/x-wav
  Then assuming a new option "filter", the modified version would
POST the discards automatically. To get a better idea I have put a version
of the kind of pages to be loaded at

  Well, if you want to help the project (and potentailly others having to
deal with bounces in mailman) that's a very good way, even if you don't
know C :-)


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