Re: [xslt] problems with libxslt and python on Mac OS X

>> Strange. Your build method does not differ from mine substantially, 
>> except for prebindings, which should not have this kind of impact.
>> I am sure of that, because the crashes I described were in the 2.6.5 
>> timeframe.
>> I do strongly recommend using instead configure.
> What difference does that make? (I was under the impression that 
> having to run was a bad thing)

Often, but here elements of the build process do depend on it.
In particular, getting the library version numbers right depends on a
As I suspect you have library version conflict, I believe in looking at 

>>> I built against a 2.3.3 framework python in /Library/Frameworks
>> Check. I was reckless enough to replace the stock Python.
> I'm beginning to think that it was reckless too...

Well, I do not have problems with it. I wonder if having two copies 
makes more trouble? It should not.

>> Any dylib can be prebound. It makes loading the library faster. You 
>> have to assign an address to each library. I use the same as Zveno's: 
> Okay. I don't think I need to bother with this - I'm a python only 
> guy, really and I get the impression that prebinding won't help the 
> python bits any.

Not significantly.

> Maybe I should try

Your best bet in the long run. I would be curious to know if my 
libraries solve your problem in the short run.


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