Re: [xslt] build system is not idempotent

On Tue, Sep 16, 2003 at 02:19:59PM -0500, Graham Wilson wrote:
> the libxslt build system is not idempotent; that is, the source tree is
> different when originally unpacked and after ./configure; make; make
> distclean.
> i don't want to file a bug yet since i don't know if this should be
> considered a bug.
> below are the specific ways in which the build system is not idempotent.
> if the consensus is that this should be considered as a bug, i can file
> a bug with bugzilla with a patch to fix most of these problems.
> 1. is not removed by make clean. since is
> generated from a makefile, not from configure, it is not removed by
> configure. this file should be added to CLEANFILES in the top-level
> 2. the python subdir is only cleaned when make distclean is called, not
> when make clean is called. this is because most of the files in the
> python subdir are cleaned from a clean target in, instead of
> 3. the generated file libxsltclass.txt in the python subdir is not
> removed at clean-time. it should be a part of the GENERATED variable.

  Okay 1-3 are small bugs, I take patch (libxml2 probably suffers the
same problems).

> 4. the generated file libxslt-py.c is also distributed with libxslt.
> therefore, after ./configure; make; make distclean, libxslt-py.c can be
> different than when the original distributed with the source. (it
> appears to me that libxslt-py.c might have been accidentally included
> in the source tarball.)
> 5. the distributed files xsltconfig.h, xsltwin32config.h, and
> exsltconfig.h are removed after running make distclean. this is because
> they are listed as arguments to the AC_OUTPUT macro in

  That's not an oversight, 4-5 are expected, you may want to compile
on Windows without having the shell/configure/etc... so they need
to be distributed even if generated when running on Linux/Unix.


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