Re:[xslt] debugger callbacks

Sorry I'm not a Pascal person and could provide an implementation in the time 
I had availalble. Try discussing Pascal on the xml/xslt bindings list. 

 Kasimier Buchcik <> wrote:
> Keith Isdale wrote:
> > Have you set xslDebugStatus to something other than XSLT_DEBUG_NONE, 
>> <libxslt/xsltutils.h>.  You may find you can get the information that 
>> want using xsldbg :-).=20

>No I did not set xslDebugStatus. Does this variable need to be set to=20
>something? I learned that is it declared in "deprecated.c", but I cannot=20

umm no thats not right. .xslDebugStatus is declared in <libxslt/xsltutils.h> 
and defined in libxslt/libxslt/xsltutils.c See

You had me worried for a moment deprecated.c sounds like code that will be 
removed next major release.

>set any variables, since I'm using Delphi 6 with the Pascal bindings to=20
> access the libxslt library.

>Could you implement a function that sets this variable?

You can always submit a patch to xsltutils.c/xsltutils.h and see what happens. 
: trivial implementation for xsltutils,.h
	void xsltSetDebuggerStatus(int value);
	int xsltGetDebuggerStatus();

: trivial implementation for xsltutils.c
	void xsltSetDebuggerStatus(int value)
		xslDebugStatus. = value;

	int xsltGetDebuggerStatus()
		return xslDebugStatus. 

Don't put the implementation in a header file as one day someone may want a 
properly mulitthreaded XSLT debugger and libxslt may be able to be changed to 
meat that requirement: for a non Binary Compatable  future release of 

Keith  Isdale  |   xsldbg helping understand 

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