Re: [xslt] It seems to be standard question... Leave entites intact

Lev Serebryakov writes:
> This is body with with mdash (—) and nbsp ( ).

Though this is only a side aspect of your question, you should be aware
that the unicode character 151 is not a mdash.
mdash is — or —.
— is some non printable control code ("END OF GUARDED AREA") as in 
A character with bytecode 151 stands for mdash in win-latin1 endcoding
(and maybe some other Microsoft encodings). But IIRC even if you declare
your xml text win-latin1 encoded, — would denote the unicode character
151, not the win-latin1 one.

So if mozilla displays — as mdash, this is an IMHO just some dirty
hack to hide common mistakes made by windows users...


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