Re: [xslt] saxon:line-number()


>   Well, actually in 2.6.x there is some extra room in nodes for line 
>information, I kept your patch, it should work with a recent version of

Well, is xmlNode->content being used now?  Is there a reason that the 
line/extra couldn't still be packed into the storage of that pointer?

Also, I see that there's a new psvi member declared as a void *.  It would 
make sense to me if an xmlHashTable member were added instead with a few 
supporting functions:

int xmlSetData(xmlNode *node, const xmlChar *name, void *data);
void *xmlGetData(xmlNode *node, const xmlChar *name);

..or perhaps a name/nsuri pair.  (I would name the functions 
xml[SG]etProperty to match recent XML specs, but this term is already used 
in libxml).  These functions would allow multiple libraries that consume 
libxml data structures to annotate nodes with their own data without 
clashing over the use of _private.

Are the performance implications the reason you haven't gone with this 
strategy?  As mentioned at the top of my mail, perhaps it would be possible 
to pack the line/extra into content and free the extra bytes for this 
strategy as well as having PSVI be its own member... :).


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