Re: [xslt] Support for exslt func:function dropped ?

On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 04:30:01PM -0400, Tom Moertel wrote:
> Hi.
> I have a project that makes extensive use of the EXSLT func:function
> extension element in stylesheets processed by xsltproc.  After upgrading
> my stock RHL 8.0 to the most-recent libxml2-2.5.7-1 and
> libxslt-1.0.30-1, xsltproc now complains that
>     xmlXPathCompOpEval: function get-section-by-id not found
>     XPath error Unregistered function in mcf:get-section-by-id(@src)
> when I try to call a function that I created via func:function.  The
> function in question worked just fine under the RHL-8.0 version of
> xsltproc and is indeed registered:

  The  support was not removed. The examples from the
tests/exslt/functions regression tests seems to work fine. Considering
your stylesheet since it's not complete it cannot be tested. Read the 
existing tests and compare with your code. IF this still doesn't
work provide complete examples.


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