Re: [xslt] exslt:What's wrong with that?

On Thu, May 01, 2003 at 07:29:44PM +0200, Bernhard Zwischenbrugger wrote:
> <xsl:template match="/"> 
> <exsl:document href="";>
> <test/> 
> </exsl:document> 

  Hum, that should write to that URL, possibly with a PUT method.

> I thought this is the same kind of request as postURL
> in SVG. 
> The exsl documentation does not say much about that. 

  Right it's underspecified. So libxml2 underneath semantic of
writing to an HTTP resource is used, 
   xmlIOHTTPOpenW() should be called.
   xmlIOHTTPClosePut() should to at the end and by default it does
a PUT (which is the only cleanly defined HTTP method to save to a resource


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