Re: [xslt] Re: simpler testcase

 > Of course, because you haven't mapped the namespace prefix. To do 
that you
 > need XML::LibXML::XPathContext, from CPAN.


sorry, I think I made a pretty big confusion by making that typo, which 
I wrote in this previous mail.

What I meant is that

   (1) xsltproc *automatically* recognizes the element name as the
       prefix when a default namespace is used:

           e.g. if the tag is
              <foo xmlns="urn:foo"> .... </foo>

           the xpath expression "foo:foo" matches the above node.

       unless I'm just not seeing something, or I'm on crack,
       I think I confirmed this over and over using my xsltproc.

   (2) XML::LibX(ML|SLT) doesn't *automatically* do this.
       And yes, I know why, but the problem is that it doesn't,
       and it's a bit confusing if you're used to xsltproc

       I've been working around this problem in XML::LibXML by
       specifically setting the prefix from XML::LibXML
       (setNamespaceURI, was it?).

Since xsltproc automagically seems to handle it, it seemed to me that 
default namespaces should inherit the element name. If that's not in the 
spec, then oh well.

Anyway, can we get this back to axkit-users only now? I really didn't 
mean to (and didn't expect anybody to) send it to libx(ml2|slt) guys, as 
I was *sure* it's a Perl-level problem.

Sorry for the confusion.


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